How Does SPSS Help Write a Perfect Dissertation Concept Paper?

How Does SPSS Help Write a Perfect Dissertation Concept Paper?


Students from diverse backgrounds take SPSS help to write their dissertation concept paper, prospectus, and assignments, and complete their research study smoothly. The experts will help you write your research concept paper according to your university guidelines. A concept paper gives the overall idea of your research, its aim, goals, vision, need of your research, etc. This blog post will make you understand what is a concept paper for research, what is its importance, and how professional writers can help you write a perfect prospectus and concept paper for your dissertation. Let us know all about the dissertation concept paper.

What do we call a concept paper?

The very first step of a dissertation is writing a concept paper also known as a research proposal. As its name mentions, it is a short document written before starting the research execution, explaining why your research is necessary to conduct, what it is all about, and what methods you are going to use to complete your study. This paper includes the following:

    1. Research title
    2. Concept & aim of the study
    3. A brief introduction to the study
    4. Research questions you are going to answer in your study
    5. Type of data collected
    6. Methods of data collection

What is the motive behind writing a research proposal?

Whenever researchers write a concept paper their motive should be to convince the committee members that their proposed study is worthy to be conducted. If the members are satisfied and found your research novel and interesting then they will definitely understand the need for your research and will allow you to take further steps. Remember you have to clarify appropriate research questions and feasible data collection methods.
A concept paper is submitted in three particular situations:

    1. If you are a master’s program student or a final year undergraduate and planning to conduct research under supervision.
    2. If you are a PhD scholar working under some supervisor.
    3. If you are a principal investigator and want to submit a proposal to a funding body to get financial support for your research.

What is the actual length of a concept paper?

As mentioned above, if you are a master’s program undergraduate or a PhD scholar then you can write a concept paper of 2 to 3 pages in length. But if you are a principal investigator and have to convince the funding body then your concept paper should be at least 20 pages in length.

Ways to write a concept paper:

As we said earlier, writing a concept paper is the very first step in starting a research process, therefore you must know the best writing tips to have a perfect concept paper to impress the readers. Here we are suggesting to you the well-proven methods to write an attractive dissertation concept paper:

  1. Write an attractive title representing your study’s essence clearly.
  2. Provide a brief introduction about your study representing how your research is going to fill those gaps which are left from previous studies. Remember you have to define the statement of the problem. Give a succinct summary of the problem showing what is unknown and at the end, the reader must get the idea that your study is going to provide a solution for the problem.
  3. From your concept paper, the aim of your study must be reflected. It must be written in such a manner that it will show all the objectives of your study and the questions you will work upon to achieve them. All these questions and their responses must be aligned with your problem statement addressing the previous studies’ gaps and limitations. Give a brief description of your primary hypothesis.
  4. Mention the qualitative or quantitative data outputs which you are planning to capture. Provide a scheduled plan of a specified time when you will capture the data and at what intervals.
  5. Define what research methodology you are going to use to capture your data, what measurement and analysis techniques and software you will use, and what statistical tests you will adopt to support your study. Write about the required questionnaire and how will you prepare that and validate that.
  6. In the end, add the significance of your study explaining the importance of your research and why it is impressive. Write a conclusive paragraph that restates the statement of the problem clarifying what are the benefits of your study, who are the beneficiaries and how.
  7. Don’t forget to highlight the references and citations, other literature and previous research papers which you discussed in your research proposal.


We hope that this blog gave you an idea of what key elements you should choose while writing a concept paper for your study. Just remember that it must reflect the importance and reason for conducting your study. In case you find it difficult to construct a concept paper and you don’t want to take any risks because it is the initial step of your research then you can take help from SPSS assignment help services also. They will help you create a positive impact on the readers and might give you new ideas also to make your study more interesting and useful for common people. Good luck with your concept paper!

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