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It is hard for both fresher and experienced researchers to think about where to start. You have your research questions ready, but how do you know if there is a legitimate need to address these questions in your graduate research? We at SPSS tutor have dealt with many graduate students and found a topic in their mind, but they are unsure about it. Let's call these topics unformed. You need to search for one such topic in which you have a bit of interest; we won't say an abiding interest, but at least one that is doable, and you trust that you will find a gap to justify your research. For a successful study, your research topic needs to have three things: transparent, contemporary, and compelling. Hence, you must select a topic for your dissertation and hire thesis writing help with current relevance in your field. Also, once you are sure that your topic covers the three C criteria, you need to move forward with designing your study.

How SPSS Tutor will help you in topic development

At, SPSS tutor, once you are finalised with the topic and methodological approach, our expert team supports you in topic development with their comprehensive approach. Two basic discussions start on our first call from our methodologist, about your general interest in the study and what is realistic for you in terms of sample size and data collection. After which we give exploratory research to find the potential research gap that we can address we can develop the problem statement and theoretical framework. The problem statement is important to analyse as it is important to set it before we expand to the full foundation process.

After this, we move forward in alignment with the suggested problem statement to create a purpose section. We ensure that the research questions, hypotheses, and sampling plan are aligned with the problem and purpose statements. We also confirm that the proposed qualitative or quantitative research methodology properly addresses the research question.

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