Qualitative analysis

Qualitative Methodology

Qualitative research is about collecting and analysing. You need to provide a convincing argument regarding your qualitative design as to why you have chosen your selected qualitative design. The argument should consist of the points like its strengths and weaknesses and research questions. Your foundation element should be aligned with the qualitative methodology during the topic development phase. It is a market research way through which data can be obtained. It aims at gaining an understanding of why something is not observed and focus on intervention improvement. The qualitative methodology uses a systematic language-centred analysis technique instead of statistical analysis. Qualitative and quantitative research are altogether different but the qualitative approach helps in providing great insights into the problem and helps to develop ideas for potential quantitative research. The approaches included in qualitative research are:-

    1. Narrative
    2. Phenomenology
    3. Grounded theory
    4. Ethnography
    5. Case study

How we are in help?

SPSS statistics consulting works with expertise in every aspect of the dissertation from both a quantitative and qualitative approach. We offer you the complete dissertation and thesis consulting and support for the researchers completing their qualitative research. A qualitative dissertation is done by conducting both NVIVO 12 or MAXQDA tests. These tests help the researcher to examine the frequency in which words occur. We assist you in finalizing your methodology chapter and completing your analysis with the help of any other qualitative analysis software. Also, for further correction or reviews, we stay with you till the last.

    1. In this complete process, we firstly help you with a detailed explanation of your qualitative research design and the reason why the chosen approach is appropriate for you.
    2. After which we help you in developing your target population and sampling strategy. To ensure a robust qualitative analysis, we discuss the process for recruiting participants as well as the optimal number.
    3. As per your selected design, we decide upon the best qualitative analysis protocol for you. We have expertise in the five major qualitative research methodologies which help in finding the best approach to investigate your research questions.
    4. We stay with you for unlimited revisions on your work based on your assumptions as a researcher, and the credibility, confirmability, and replicability of your qualitative research for a smooth IRB approval.

SPSS tutor supports you in the ongoing research as well helps with the revision and feedback after the completion of the dissertation. Schedule your consultation today and talk with an expert today.

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