Gaming Analysis

Gaming Analysis

Digitisation has brought an evolution in games too. Along with it, the study of digital games has also increased. From the mere evaluation of gameplay, graphics, sound, and replayability, to more reflective writing that manages to convey the complexity of a game, the gaming industry has evolved a lot. By the study of games, it means to analyse the “text” of a game to understand the message it contains. The game analysis allows us to understand the games better borrowed from textual analysis. It provides a deep insight into the game, its construction and its socio-cultural relevance. The analysis should be a critique rather than a review. The game analytics strategy includes empowering teams and individuals to make data-informed decisions.

Our statistical consulting team at SPSS tutor, have a successful experience working with casinos, developers, investors, and other gaming clients and providing them with the most possible outcomes. To maximise the player’s enjoyment our statisticians adds yet another dimension to their statistical analysis and predictive modelling to increase the revenue and market share. Hence it is important to introduce a customer analytics strategy From the big casinos to small software developers, SPSS tutor offers comprehensive support for developers, no matter what is your project size and scope.

Consulting services for the gaming industry include:

House Edge Estimation

Conventional odds calculation is used by most companies but these are ill-suited for the players that impact the outcome. But, this probability theory can't be utilised for every game, especially the ones with relatively complex rules. Our professionals calculate directly and accurately your house edge and have a confidence interval around it to perform analyses that best suits your project.

Game Structure & Payout Optimisation

We analyse whether your house edge is appropriate or not basis on your game's proposed configuration. There are negative impacts of both like, if the edge is too high, the players won’t win enough to continue playing and if the edge is too low, it may not be worth the game’s resources. Our collaborative approach allows you to have direct insight and involvement in the optimisation process.

Player Enjoyment analysis

To evaluate the visibility of new games, it is important to ensure that players can “go on a run”. This term is used to measure the hourly earning a player can win or lose. Any changes in the rules and payout structures can disproportionately affect the relationship between the house edge and a player’s standard deviation.

Along with providing all three of the above services – house edge estimation, game structure and payout optimisation, and player enjoyment analysis. We also customise our statistical consulting to meet your specific needs to pitch your games to an online platform.

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