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Survival Analysis

Survival analysis is meant for analysing expected time duration until one or more than one event happen. It is the branch of statistics; it is called reliability analysis in engineering, duration analysis in economics, event history analysis in the sociology and much more. In general, the survival analysis involves time modelling to event data, in this circumstance failure or death is considered the event in survival analysis literature usually only single activity occurs for every subject after which mechanism or organism is broken or dead, the repeated event models that are assumption. The teams and data are included in the Survival analysis such as

  • Event: disease occurrence, recovery, disease recurrence, Death and some other experience of the interest.
  • Survival Function: The possibility that the subject survives longer than the time
  • Time: the time from starting of the observation period to the end of a study, event and loss of withdrawal or contact from the study.
  • Censoring Observation: if a subject doesn't have the event while surveillance time, they are defined as censored. The object is censored in the sense that is known or nothing about that subject after censoring time. The censored subject may or may not have event after the end of the observation time.

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