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Scatter Plot

Scatter Plot is parallel to the line graphs use vertical and horizontal axes to design data points. In addition, they are extremely specific use. The Scatter Plot represent how much of single variable affected by next one. The relationship between the two variables called as correlation. The scatter plots include large data body. The closer data points approach while plotted to create the straight line; the superior correlation includes among two variables or in the stronger relationship.

While the data point creates straight line towards origin to superior x and y values and then the variables said to attain positive correlation. Whether the line towards the superior value of y-axis is below to superior value of x-axis that variables include negative correlation. The accurate positive correlation provides the value 1, and negative correlation delivers -1. Whether the perfect no correlation delivers 0 value. The closer value is -1 or 1 and stronger correlation or makes stronger relationship between accessible variables. The closer value is 0, and it is the weaker correlation. It looks correlate the sort of positive direction by the value of 0.067, but very negative correlation provides the value is -21.

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