Market Research

Market Research

Market research is all about evaluating the feasibility of a new service or product basis on the research conducted directly with the customers. This research is conducted by the companies or is outsourced to the agencies who are experts in this. This lets the organisations or companies target the market, collect and document opinions and make informed decisions. These surveys are usually done by deploying surveys, conducting interviews and other similar processes. Market research plays an important role as most of the customers now make the basis of their decision on referrals from members of their networks or reading online reviews.

At SPSS tutor, our SPSS experts apply quantitative and qualitative analysis methodologies and dataset development to help you develop an intimate understanding of your market today–and tomorrow. Our analysts apply cutting edge analytic techniques from applied economics, computer science, and research psychology to understand the clientele and target audiences. We have expertise in analysing qualitative content like open-ended research questions, interviews or focus group transcripts. We provide you with SPSS help across a broad range of quantitative experimental designs, and with all statistical software packages that focus on statistical consulting and qualitative research.

Our customisable market research forecasting analysis includes the following:-

    1. Trend analysis
    2. Conjoint analysis
    3. Gap analysis
    4. MaxDiff analysis
    5. Text and content analysis
    6. Video content analysis
    7. Turf analysis
    8. SWOT analysis
    9. Processs
    10. Initial consultation

We begin with market research and feasibility review to determine the best approach for your firm to understand your present and future market or target audience. We develop a customised approach as per the specific information you would like to have about your market or target audience. We strive to bring the perfect information for you, i.e. we develop the best understanding of your market or target audience as the data will allow.

Market Research and design

At SPSS-tutor we conduct quasi-experimental marketing research design to ensure that your marketing research delivers accurate, usable results. Our SPSS experts also assist you in determining whether a Likert scale, categorical options, or another question format are ideal for your purposes.


We at SPSS tutor, ourselves conduct site visits and focus group interviews, and work with the client closely to determine what kind of result they are searching for. Our employee survey implementation team also implements subsample selection and extrapolation due to differences in branch employee demographics.

Analysis and interpretation

We have experts who are highly skilled at interpreting statistical methods such as TURF, Shapley values, or Thurstone scaling. For more complex analysis, we perform numerical techniques, Monte Carlo and other simulations, psychometric techniques and generate practical insights for your firm.

Qualitative expertise

Software package like NVivo is suggested to our corporate and academic clients to analyse data from interviews, open-ended survey question results, or focus groups transcripts. Other than this we provide qualitative research and analysis support for academic researchers and institutions to meet your needs.

We assist you in the whole journey of market research by addressing each of your queries properly so that you would have an appropriate sample size to obtain robustly result. From the initial level of methodology and survey development to designing and implementing the analysis plan to the final publication-ready write-up of your results, we stay connected to you with our subject experts.

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