Programme evaluation

Programme evaluation

SPSS tutor has been serving their clients since 2007 and is considered a premier consulting firm for doctoral candidates searching for assistance with their research. We provide services from the early stage of comprehensive exams and topic development to the final with comprehensive editing and defence preparation. We provide statistical consultancy assistance for a wide array of services like survey development and analysis, biostatistics and medical analysis, general statistical support for market research, and more. Our team is available to assist you in designing your evaluation to identify the reasons for current levels of performance and impact. Evaluation is an analysis and systematic collection of information on the performance of a policy, programme or initiative to inform future programming decisions about design and implementation. This leads to more effective and efficient programme delivery.

Our programme evaluation consultants have professional experience in designing and implementing formative and summative evaluations at the project, programme, portfolio, and organisation levels of analysis. Formative evaluation is done to provide information for the initial improvement while summative evaluations are used to assist in the overall judgement of the initiative’s meri basis on certain criteria. We also advise you on determining the extent of an evaluation required for your project.

For an ongoing evaluation, the supports include are:-

    1. Logic modelling
    2. Feasibility study
    3. Evaluation design
    4. Evaluation analytics
    5. Research centres and team science evaluation
    6. Student mentoring

Logic Modelling

We assist you in developing logic models as any evaluation requires validity. Our logic model consultants dig deep to develop an understanding of the inputs, processes, outputs and impacts for your project, or organisation. To design and implement what you want we dig deep into the relevant academic, empirical literature.

Feasibility study

Multiple questions come into your mind while evaluating processes and outputs, outcomes and impacts. Before investing in the resource, we help you determine the extent to which your project, programme, or organisation is prepared.

Evaluation Design

No matter you are working on a systematic investigation of processes and implementation, or the quantitative programme evaluation, we ensure your evaluation design meets the criteria and expectations of internal and external stakeholders alike.

Evaluation Analytics

We are available with quantitative evaluation analytics as well as with qualitative evaluation analytics of stakeholder and process content.

Research Centre and Team Science Evaluation

We focus on the strategic management and evaluation of academic and government research and development investment. We also design customised evaluations as what works for one research, is not necessary to work for another team too. We help you to demonstrate the public value and other socioeconomic returns on investment to develop improved prospects.

Student monitoring

If you are a graduate student in public policy, public administration, high chances are that you have to design and implement a programme. Our professional policy modelling, and quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods professors mentor you for these requirements.

Evaluation is an integral component and needs to be determined at the starting stage. SPSS tutor is just a contact away for your question to ensure the process go much more smoothly.

    1. Kaplan-Meier Survival Analysis
    2. Cox Regression
    3. Structural Equation Modeling (as implemented in MPLUS, AMOS and LISREL)
    4. Multilevel linear and Nonlinear Models
    5. Bayesian Analysis based on Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods
    6. Meta-analysis
    7. Knowledge graphing is done for “big” dataset development like public health, epidemiology
    8. For large scale, high dimensional public health and epidemiological datasets, machine learning estimation technique is utilised
    9. Open-ended questionnaires, group discussions, or interviews for follow-up qualitative research
    10. As per the journal reviewer’s feedback, Manuscript editing is done
    11. Third-party validation

We consult for groups of clinicians and individual investigators at the top research clinics also. These studies include the development of large datasets across numerous medical journals and epidemiological inquiries.

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