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IRB stands for Institutional Review Board, to determine if the study rises to the level of research on human subjects that requires IRB oversight. The review board is composed of UNT faculty and staff who apply federal regulations in the review of research involving humans. Once you are done with designing, you have found a gap in the alliteration, the next step before the actual conduct of your study is to attain the Institutional Review Board (IRB) clearance. If the plan includes human rights, it requires review and IRB approval. The research study with humans requires to go through federal training online. After which, everyone has to submit the certificate of completion to the IRB office. This review is done as IRB is concerned with the welfare rights and privacy of human subjects.

This review consists of 4 key questions :-

    1. Why your research is important ?
    2. What planning you have done to conduct the research?
    3. Who all will take part in your study?
    4. What is your management plan for the experimental data collected?

Along with these four key points, there might be any other concerns that might arise during the IRB review of your study, of which you should be fully prepared. The IRB can approve, monitor, disapprove all the research activities basis on the federal regulations and institutional policy. There are five members in the background to verify the complete information available for the review. One member is available in the background who is not affiliated with the institution and one who is not a scientist. Hence, the description of your study should be in layman language as the IRB committee members may be from an entirely different field than you.

At SPSS tutor, we help you in creating IRB applications and the draught that is specific to your data collection methods to receive approval and begin your research To create an IRB application, our team begins with a methodological review. We review your topic, the design you made, the purpose of your study and the planning you have made to conduct the research. Even after this, if any review is needed, we discuss and validate the research in the most appropriate analytic method. If you come to us for the dissertation help with the IRB application only, we still move through the same process of methodology to ensure your study meets the standard of your university’s IRB.

Before starting the process, we discuss with you, your university’s requirements like a timeline of data collection plans for confidentiality and any other specific changes required so that a correct draught can be shown at the submission without any fault. We provide IRB assistance in nearly every field for qualitative, quantitative methodology, and mixed methods studies. We have professional staff who are specialist researchers with PhDs in their respective fields. They stay connected to you at every stage and ensure your research method and IRB application will be approved.

We understand attaining IRB approval is a complex process. SPSS-Tutor is always at your help with any questions or confusion regarding the research method or if you are unsure of any aspect of IRB application. Feel free to fill out the contact request form and our dissertation specialists will be in touch and will love to hear from you.

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