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Dissertation Defence

The dissertation defence is the defining moment for any candidate preparing for a doctoral. This is the last step to obtain your doctoral degree by defending your dissertation. All your hard work leads to this point where you need to defend yourself against experienced researchers. This is the time when your dissertation has been complete and now the committee wants to see what you have learnt throughout the process. At this time, the committee has the opportunity to ask you questions to find out what you did and what you found. They check if you are ready to take on the responsibility of being a scholar.

We at SPSS tutor offers you one of the most popular Dissertation writing services and guide you till the final step including everything from speaker notes to your presentation to a mock defence session. We ensure to provide you with the services where a clear picture of the development and significance of your thesis or doctoral research is presented to the committee.

Our experts offer dissertation & thesis consulting one-on-one so that you feel fully prepared and even revise and refine your defence material so that you defend successfully. We even provide you with dissertation editing services, if you are still applying the finishing touch to your dissertation. We also provide you with feedback regarding how the defence can be improved. We want you to be fully prepared and not with just the foundational elements of your study.

Our statistical consulting company offers you a dissertation defence tip that includes three options to ensure you have the right level of support.

PowerPoint deck

This first level of support offers you a PowerPoint deck with about 25 slides for a half-hour duration. This deck guides you by providing a clear overview of the development and significance of your topic development, supported by the key themes and findings identified in your literature review and analysis results. It also includes the key points to present why your chosen methodology and research design offers the best approach.

This second option provides you with about 25 slides with speaker notes to help you remember all that you need to know to defend each specific slide successfully. These slides with speaker notes can be printed and kept separate so that you can send a clean copy to the committee.

PowerPoint presentation, speaker notes, and a 1-hour coaching session

In this third option, we take you through a mock defence in which we step into the shoes of the committee and ask you questions similar to what they will ask you. In the end, we provide you with feedback on how the defence can be improved more.

SPSS-Tutor is at your support as a guide from speaker notes to guide you through your presentation to a mock defence session. Prepare yourself and your materials for your dissertation defence within our guidance and relax back to see what you have earned.

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