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Qualitative Research

We have discussed qualitative analysis in our page of transcription analysis. There we talked about the difficulties to measure the qualitative data analysis as the data is captured with audio or video recordings. In the qualitative analysis, we work with feelings, thoughts, perceptions, instead of numbers or numerical expressions. Also, we talked about the qualitative analysis software programme including NVivo 11, ATLAS.ti, MAXQDA, and Dedoose which our experts use to upload the data. Qualitative research analysis has become more complex with IRB documentation requirements, hence universities are encouraging students to use these qualitative analysis software tools. Coding and categorising the data is the most important task in qualitative data analysis. Previously the coding use to be done manually but with modernisation and the availability of software, electronic method of coding the data are used by qualitative researchers. Let us take the example of the software NVIVO in Qualitative analysis, it allows for qualitative enquiry beyond coding, sorting and retrieval of data. Data analysis is a part of qualitative analysis, it is more of a process of inductive reasoning, thinking and theorising. It helps in systematically arranging the interview transcripts, non-textual materials to increase the understanding of the phenomenon.

Expertise at SPSS tutor offers dissertation assistance at each stage of the analysis process so that your results are robust. We offer comprehensive assistance with qualitative methodology development to get your completed research approved sooner. We use multiple methodologies to analyse the qualitative data.

Following are the details about these methods:-


Phenomenology helps in deriving the understanding of essential meanings as what the participants have perceived through it. This requires in-depth interviews that usually last from 90 to 120 minutes. Phenomenology methodology is majorly used to look for patterns and trends by identifying shared beliefs. Hence the dissertation consultants are found who understand the characteristics of a phenomenological study.

Case studies

It is one of the most versatile qualitative methodologies. It can be descriptive, exploratory or explanatory. Data collection is made through the triangulation method. To assess the degree of data convergence for this method, you need multiple data sources such as interviews, observations, written responses, etc.

Grounded theory

This method is completely a theoretical model that explains phenomena of interest, based on the direct experiences and perspectives of participants. In this theory, those consultants are selected by theoretical sampling so that we can fill in the gap, if any, to construct theory from data.


This technology helps in an in-depth understanding of cultural phenomena within specific groups. The conclusion of the study is determined by the researcher’s own experiences, perspectives, and interpretations.

General qualitative enquiry

If your design does not match with any of these above-mentioned methodologies, then you can follow a general qualitative enquiry design. It allows for more data samples and allows you to focus solely on interviews during the

For researchers from different backgrounds, it is important to have an understanding of SPSS properly. Our expertise provides you with SPSS help and is tailored with you throughout to perform your qualitative analysis, we at SPSS tutor are available to assist you–regardless of your specific research design.

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