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Before writing the research project, it is important to write a short document which is known as a concept paper. It is the first step of the dissertation. This concept paper provides an idea about what the study is overall about, also what all methods have been used while developing the study. It includes your proposed research title, an introduction to the subject and the aim of your study. It should be written meticulously as it provides you with a firm foundation.

The research concept paper should convince the reader that the research aims and questions are appropriate and there is a need for this research. They should find it interesting while reading and must be satisfied with the data collection. Generally, the length of the writing of a master’s or PhD concept paper is between 2 and 3 pages in length, while a concept paper written as a part of funding applications can be over 20 pages.

SPSS tutor helps you in developing the concept paper according to your university’s guidelines in the following way :-

Prospectus Assistance

There are few universities like Walden University that asks for a prospectus in the initial phase. SPSS tutor provides you assistance for both concept paper and prospectus with the same level of expertise.

As per the requirements of online school

We coach you throughout the entire process and save you from the frustration, loss of time and unnecessary fees that you give to the schools like, Capella University, North Central University, Nova University, Trident International, Walden University, University of Phoenix, and more. As we already know about their expectations expertise solution are provided.


No matter the kind of study or the size is, we provide you with the best coaching. As we already have our staffs who are specialised in a wide array of subjects, hence can guide you at every step.

Research methodology

One of our methodologist experts gives you a call basis on your preference of either quantitative or qualitative research to develop your prospectus or concept paper.

Editing services

We even provide thesis editing services so that your work is presented as per the university’s guidelines and templates. Thus, you are approved faster and your work can be expanded to a full introduction chapter.

Comprehensive consultation

We review your topics, research questions by Comprehensive exam and coach you as per the methodology, research questions, hypothesis, validity, and analytic method.

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