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Comprehensive Exams

Comprehensive exams can also be called preliminary exams as the results provide the information regarding the student if he or she is prepared to move into the dissertation phase of the degree or not. These exams look a little different at almost every university, and at times can even differ between programmes at the same school. They are usually held after completion of all required coursework. All doctoral candidates need to take this test within 36 months of enrolment in the PhD programme. They are commonly known as “comps”. In a few universities, it includes written and oral components while for a few they take the form of a time-limited written assignment with several unique questions.

This exam is mandatory to take for the students pursuing masters or PhD programmes as this ensures that student is knowledgeable enough within their field of research. If you are not passed, you need to take the test again as you are allowed to take this test twice before a different project is given. The evaluation of comprehensive exams is very different to the doctoral dissertation prospectus. It evaluates your preparedness both theoretically and practically.

    1. By theoretical evaluation, they test your knowledge and understanding of dominant theories and concepts in your field. Their analysis includes if your knowledge is up to the mark as per your field or not–whether that’s education, business, nursing, psychology, or another academic discipline altogether.
    2. In practical evaluation, the actual analysis of your expertise to identify a feasible research design to complete your proposed research is done.

Process of SPSS-Tutor for your Comprehensive Exam

We at SPSS tutor assist you in the complete process of your comprehensive exam with our expert dissertation consulting team in the following way.

Literature Search

We firstly ensure that 85% of your research is recent, i.e. those which are published within the last five years. Rest 15% is those which include a comprehensive discussion of the conceptual or theoretical framework.

Expert Draughting support

We support you in draughting compelling responses that exceed length and content requirements for the fastest approval to move forward.

Oral Exam Preparation

We have dedicated presentation experts who help you prepare researches based on theories, studies, and methodological approaches. Our expertise team in qualitative method, quantitative method and mixed methods research assists you in gaining an understanding of what to expect during your oral exams.

If you are in doubt about your level of preparation for the comps, we are just a contact away.

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