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You have come to the right place if you have reached the stage of the discussion chapter of your thesis. Discussion Chapter is the most important piece of your dissertation. It provides a complete explanation of your contribution to the body of knowledge in the selected field. Here, you go in-depth into the meaning, importance and relevance of your results. While writing the discussion chapter you should include interpretations, implications, limitations, and future recommendations. The dissertation’s discussion is based on the data you’ve collected, hence speculating here will undermine your research’s credibility. SPSS tutor provides their client’s assistance during every stage of the dissertation. For the clients who have recently completed their qualitative research or is at their conceptual stage, we help them by incorporating their findings into the prevalent themes and forming an outline for the final chapters of their dissertation. We even perform bibliographic information checks to make sure the work fits specific as per the APA editing and university requirements. Dissertation clients find the discussion chapters most difficult as the universities are mostly vague about their expectations for thesis writing here comes to our dissertation consulting in SPSS help, we assist by the following ways:-

Synthesising your research with a theoretical or social problem

We ensure your theoretical or conceptual framework guides you till your final selection by outlining a conceptual framework for your study and connecting it to contemporary issues in your field.

Reiterating the foundational elements of your study

In the end, when you have finalised the foundational elements, we assist you in conflating your research problem, purpose, and significance sections. Our expertise with research design and methodology help you explain your study’s result in a way that fits the university requirement.

Clarifying your method, design, and hypotheses

We ensure that your research creates a full impact in your chosen field by discussing your hypothesis, no matter the result is in favour or opposite.

Looking to results and past research

We help you with writing the discussion section of the dissertation to demonstrate an impressive discussion chapter that analyses your results in terms of your previous research in the field.

At SPSS-Tutor, we benefit you from a logical introduction and chapter summary. Our company offers you customised support for your entire dissertation and always try to emphasise important points so the reader can grasp the key information.

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