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Journal articles are written for specific topics and are shorter than books. These are written by the experts and presents the most recent research. The dissertation or thesis is submitted mostly as a manuscript for publication in the journal. In these journals, most of those papers are published that meet the highest level of scientific rigour, represent original research in the field, also the ones that have rigorous paid attention to APA editing or other style guidelines and formatting requirements. SPSS tutor works closely with academic researchers and assists them in writing or designing a study so that their work is published in a peer-reviewed journal. This support is done in two forms, first by developing a publication plan and secondly a manuscript revision.

Publication plan

We develop a long-term plan for the new clients, who seek our help in academic publication, to publish their doctoral research. It is difficult for most of the clients to build a concrete plan to begin publishing. This process of publication plan consists of three steps.

In-depth analysis

The different parts of your dissertation, the problem statement, research questions and hypotheses, literature review, methodology, data analysis, results, and discussion is analysed firstly. After which, it is determined that how much “wholes” can b composed from the single, larger “whole” of your dissertation.

Identification of source

These cohesive” wholes” are then taken into consideration to develop a list of sources where your work may be published.

Rhetorical analysis of exemplar articles

We examine the archives of each publication, in this final step, to identify articles that resemble yours in terms of topic and methodological approach. We even identify those articles that are representative of the work the journals and magazines publish today. After identifying those articles, we conduct a thorough rhetorical analysis about purpose and audience. This determines how to “get in” to the dissertation research in article format.

After presenting these findings, we consult with you regarding how to proceed. We suggest for a manuscript to further frame your study.

Manuscript Revision

At this point, we assist you in shaping your dissertation into an actual manuscript for submission.

Identifying journal aims

The framing of your dissertation research is done using the journal’s online submission criteria as a guide. This framing of your dissertation map onto those of the journal and then act as a source for developing each required section of the manuscript.

Revising for specific journal criteria

Your manuscript must match the chosen journals. As most of the journals ask for the requirements like front matter, sections, word count, and formatting that must be met to avoid screen-out. Trimming of the dissertation is done at times to comply with the requirements of the journal. For example, for many of the journals, it is common to have word count limits of 3,500 to 15,000–while most dissertations are 50,000 to 100,000 words or more, thus trimming is needed.

Highlight key sections of the dissertation research

Extensive trimming and editing are required to meet the requirements as the literature review and methods that tend to run very long in dissertations. Though it is also important to not miss out on the key sections of the dissertation research.

At SPSS tutor, we assist hundreds of researchers pursuing publication with their qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods each yea. Our staffs are professionals and expert researchers with PhDs in their respective fields, Precision’s Our comprehensive consulting and editing services ensure academic researchers can confidently submit their work for publication.

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