Survey Development

Survey Development

A survey is one of the powerful tools for any organisation. It helps in attaining valuable information for any firms, government agencies, and nonprofits that help in strategic, financial, and operational decision making. It also helps in developing a better understanding of the customers, target audience, employees, and stakeholders. The researchers need to ensure that the questionnaire made by them is understandable and respondents should answer in a way that the researcher has intended. Thus a good survey outcome comes out. This good outcome highly depends on the kind of questions developed as the meaning of a word can be changed based on the context. The survey design should be well structured and in a sequence so that it is plausible to the respondent. It should be this effect to gain the information that you seek. A wrong move in the survey dataset can lead to unreliable and invalid information that causes serious consequences for operations, performance, and competitive advantage.

At SPSS tutor, the SPSS experts assist you with rigorous survey development and data analysis. Our survey development team also provides help in providing a customised approach basis on your research goal, organisation needs and timeline. We have vast experience in survey design and development which helps you in implementing a survey instrument. We help you in anticipating common mistakes and the measure to avoid them that could render your survey datasets. Most of our clients are PhD scientists and methodologists who have better knowledge and understanding of the potential challenges that accompany any survey-based research project. Thus our SPSS help team provides better circumvent potential issues so that their research design and development goals is done as per the specific requirements. This survey development process starts with the consultation where the goal of your instrument is analysed and then the plan is constructed. We work with you and identify the question that determines the most precise way to measure that information. Also as per the requirement of open-ended or free-response questions, the use of a Likert scale or Slider scale is determined. Once the survey design is developed, sampling methodology is discussed as target specific individual sampling to maximise ease of access while probability sampling reaches a random group of respondents.

Online Platform Assistance

The increase in the use of online platforms has led to an increase in the selection of online survey tools like SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics, Google Forms, and Zoomerang. We help you in this by knowing your specific needs and the basis on that suggests you which platform would best suit your study, and then manage the data collection process.s

Pilot Testing

We help you in designing an entirely new tool or in making modifications to the existing ones. We also perform a pilot test to check if the survey is much effective or not. Factor analyses are done with LISREL or AMOS, to establish the required sample size for your survey before you begin data collection.

Expertise in Statistical and Qualitative Analysis

The basis on the chosen methodology a statistical analysis is done to the data collected by you. We use the standard quantitative methods as well as the advance qualitative analysis packages NVivo, ATLAS. ti, MAXQDA, and Dedoose in evaluating survey research.

Our team with over a decade of experience understands that time is precious and finishing tasks before the deadline are important.

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