How to Mention a Reference List for Assignments

How to Mention a Reference List for Assignments


Students from distinct subject backgrounds take SPSS help to mention the reference list in their assignments. A reference list or bibliography is an essential part of assignment writing as an actual text. This list represents the list of sources you referred to or consulted to complete a given task. These resources are broadly classified into two categories: printed resources (books, articles, newspapers, etc.) and web resources (digital sources). Most students find it challenging to complete their bibliography pages. This blog post is all about writing references properly. If you want to know the effective ways of writing a bibliography, then keep reading this blog.

What information must a bibliography include?

Based on the resources used, the information to be included in the bibliography changes. If you are using printed sources for acquiring information then you should include the following information in the referencing list:

    1. The name with the surname of the author must be written
    2. The full title of the paper or article
    3. Date, place, and publishing entity of the paper or article
    4. The name of the company published the source
    5. The page frame

If you are using web resources like pictures, videos, Wikipedia pages, google articles, any website, etc. then you should include the following details:

    1. The title of the page
    2. The name of the company that created the webpage
    3. Mention the URL itself
    4. Mention the date when you last used that source

Common rules to write a perfect bibliography list

The above-mentioned key points might have made you think the task is difficult. Let us provide you with more details on how to write a bibliography for an assignment, and so we are mentioning some general rules, knowing them won’t hurt much, otherwise, the option to get help from SPSS experts is always open.

    1. Use end-to-end numbering for constructing a bibliography list.
    2. Make sure you included all the sources used or covered in the reference list before you submit the assignment.
    3. You must know the order in which you should enlist the sources. In the case of an academic paper, first, you need to mention the official literature followed by the author’s works and then native works.
    4. If you have used multiple sources from a single author then arrange them alphabetically.
    5. Do not include the thesis of term papers in your bibliography because these are educational works.
    6. In the case of including links in a bibliography, go through the journal rules, that is, in which format the assignment is, and how to write references into that particular format.
    7. You should understand that the bibliography description contains essential information about the assignment and the resources used. The main aim of it is to provide general information and characteristics of the document.

Steps to write a bibliography

Step:1 Select the resources

Nothing is more important than necessary sources in writing an academic assignment. Consequently, it is crucial to find credible materials and master the skills of conducting research. Hence, you need to search for some famous and functional resources such as international journals and articles. Sometimes students take journal article assistance also to publish their papers in international articles with properly structured and formatted research papers.

Step:2 Evaluate each source

Having great sources in your hand is not sufficient. Evaluating each and every source is also a big task which is a kind of mandatory one. Let’s focus on some common features of required sources:

    1. Seek recent publications, not older than 5 or more years.
    2. Cross-check the details of the author, must be written by a reputed author.
    3. When you are seeking web sources, focus mainly on educational and governmental sources.
    4. Use credible scholarly and academic databases.

But how can you identify non-credible sources, let us share some of their characteristics:

    1. The test you are looking at might be written by someone who does not have proper credentials such as an academic degree, or institutional affiliations.
    2. Do not use commercial websites.
    3. Texts from any source which does not have sufficient references behind them should be omitted.
    4. Try to avoid blog posts because they are not credible enough.

To add a strong bibliography you must assess the author's background and credentials also. Find the answers to the following two questions to get a credible author’s work:

    1. Is the author an specialist in the given field and are you getting answers to your research questions?
    2. What thoughts does that author represent and is there any inclination between the thoughts of that author and yours?

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Writing references and citations in an assignment is crucial for students to prove that their assignment is original work and not copied from anyone. But most students find it difficult to mention the bibliography at the end of their paper. Either they do not understand its importance or they do not know how to write it in a proper structure. Hence, they get SPSS assignment help to finish their assignments with proper structure and format. Such assignment writing services help them attain desired grades and improve their subject knowledge and writing skills. Good luck writing your assignment!

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