Introduction to Dissertation Prospectus and Its Overall Development

Introduction to Dissertation Prospectus and Its Overall Development


We must have witnessed numerous PhD students taking SPSS help for developing dissertation prospectus for their study. But what exactly a dissertation prospectus is? Why do students face issues with dissertation writing? How to write an effective dissertation prospectus? If you want to know the answers to all these questions then you need to read the blog further. Let us begin with our blog.

What is a dissertation prospectus?

A dissertation prospectus is a paradoxical piece of writing, which is not an abstract or an introductory chapter of the dissertation. Still, rather it is an attempt to describe what is planned before it has been done. At the very first pace of the dissertation writing, the researchers propose the whole plan of the dissertation, which is considered a dissertation prospectus. It is mainly a formal document that the researchers present to the PhD supervisory committee once the researchers have achieved candidacy and are preparing to move on to the dissertation as a full-time project. The research proposal can be considered as the dissertation prospectus, where the researchers describe the problem that has been chosen in the study as well as the importance and significance of the study. The research aims and objectives hypothesis and research questions are also developed well in the dissertation prospectus. And along with this, it is also possible to represent the study in a systematic order through discussion about the chosen research topic, research methods, time frame and planning for data evaluation and analysis to conclude the study. Hence, the dissertation prospectus plays an important role in representing the dissertation shortly in a systematic way, so that the research can be proposed efficiently. Introduction to the dissertation prospectus provides a scope for the researchers to present the research effectively with an appropriate problem statement, hypothesis, research methods and data analysis process so that future research can be conducted efficiently further.

How to develop a dissertation prospectus

    1. The introduction is the first chapter of the dissertation, and it is playing a crucial role in creating the base of the study for further analysis and evaluation. The researchers represent the background of the study by gathering knowledge and recent activities in social science research.
    2. After that, the researchers form problem statements after acknowledging the study background. The research aim and objectives are also crucial to be developed well, where clear aims and objectives further help the researchers to progress in the study in a systematic order.
    3. The research questions are formed as per the problem statement and after that, the researchers try to choose the dependent and independent variables for developing the research hypothesis. Evaluating the research topic is crucial for identifying the variables and analysing their interlink through hypothesis and testing.
    4. After the introduction, the researchers focus on developing the literature review, in which the researchers try to review the secondary sources of information, such as journals, books, articles and published news. The researchers can develop a theoretical framework for linking the theories and concepts with real-life activities and social science practices to conduct the research with in-depth critical analysis and evaluation. The researchers are efficient to develop the literature by representing different theories, concepts and models related to the research topic. It further helps to develop knowledge and understanding of the researchers to progress in the study successfully.
    5. After the literature review, there would be research methodology in the dissertation prospectus, and it is considered a crucial step for identifying the methods of conducting the dissertation critically. The researchers focus on the research opinion, which includes research philosophy, research approach, data collection, SPSS data analysis techniques, and sampling. The researchers provide all the information related to the research method, where the ways of gathering the data and information as well as analysing the data are important to be discussed well for further critical analysis. As per the research aim and objectives, the researchers choose the methods and represent the ideas systematically. The sampling techniques along with first-hand data collection are beneficial to gather authentic data and information and analyse it critically to test the research hypothesis.
    6. After the methodology, the ethical consideration along with the timetable is represented so that the research would be completed ethically within a specific period. The researchers develop the Gantt chart and also share all the ethical codes of conduct in academics such as authenticity and validity of the gathered data, feasibility, integrity and accountability management in empowering the participations in data collection method as well as data protection, management of the participation, consent form and maintaining safety and security. All the ethical practices are important to be discussed in the dissertation prospectus. Additionally, the Gantt chart is suitable for sharing the activities in the dissertation so that proper planning can be developed to meet the research aim and objectives within the effective time.

Dissertation prospectus


In the dissertation prospectus, the researchers represent the findings, as well as, interpret the data through a short message so that the readers can understand the findings in the dissertation. Proper timetable and budgeting to do the research as well as maintaining ethical considerations are helpful to develop the dissertation prospectus successfully. In this context, the researchers focus on the proper structure of dissertation prospectus in representing the information in a step-by-step approach. Moreover, the researchers will discuss the current issues in the dissertation prospectus and the future scope of the study. The future scope must be included, to influence future researchers to do more in-depth research. Through such a dissertation prospectus, it is hereby possible for the researchers to represent the study efficiently and progress in the paper through critical analysis and data evaluation. Hence, it is the step-by-step approach to developing the dissertation prospectus, in which integrity and accountability must be maintained in sharing the information. Clear and concise information is included in the dissertation prospectus as well as proper citation so that the authenticity of the information can be maintained. In the dissertation prospectus, the researchers can include an appropriate reference list and bibliography to support the information and arguments. Proper referencing and citation are hereby necessary to develop the dissertation prospectus successfully.

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