Tips for paraphrasing with SPSS & without plagiarism

Tips for paraphrasing with SPSS & without plagiarism


Paraphrasing is a crucial attribute students must have but they prefer to get SPSS help because they need to gain this particular skill. Without proper paraphrasing, you cannot write an impressive assignment and you cannot express the necessary information and aspects which you discovered during your research. Using that skill you can craft readable and legible assignments, research papers, essays, dissertations, etc.
Though it is an important talent to write papers, most students cannot manage to construct useful and creative assignments because of the absence of the paraphrasing skill in them. Some of them take excessive time duration and others just rewrite the same content without focusing on the fact that they are attempting plagiarism. We have come up with this blog post to limelight some paraphrasing tips for you. Read our blog further to know about those tips and avoid plagiarism in your content, otherwise, getting help with SPSS and tutors is always an option.

What is paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing means the practice of reading something and recasting it in your own words. It means you read some text, understand and interpret its meaning and give it a new form in your form of sentences without changing its core citation and objective. In short, you are moulding someone else’s ideas in your own words. Whenever you choose any source to paraphrase, don’t forget to provide its proper citation so that your content won’t be plagiarised. But it is not as easy as it sounds. Writing someone else’s work by recasting it requires practice which can be accumulated through regular efforts. Until then you can take help from professional writers, such as SPSS tutors.

Why paraphrasing is important to learn?

Many students think that learning to paraphrase is just a waste of time. However, it is not true. Here we are mentioning several reasons why paraphrasing is important. Let’s have a look at them:

    1. Overuse of quotation marks

      Students use excess quoting in their papers which is not allowed by many universities because that’s how you are just collecting words and reaching the minimum word count without really putting in effort for unique work. Well, then how exactly will you provide the crucial information to your readers? Here comes the role of paraphrasing, you simply have to rewrite that crucial information in your own writings.

    2. Reduced similarity

      Nowadays students are asked to submit their assignments in digital format so that the plagiarism can be checked through plagiarism-detecting tools and scanners. Therefore, when you submit any paper for evaluation, your paper is checked and its similarity score is evaluated. Generally, more than 25% of similarity makes your assignment the subject of scrutiny and it is further cross-checked by the professors. If you haven’t practised paraphrasing then there are chances that your similarity score will be high and you might find yourself in the situation of being guilty of plagiarism. So to save yourself from the situation, you must know how to paraphrase, otherwise, get help from SPSS services and experts.

    3. Improves word and phrase selection

      If you are facing difficulties with rewriting any text, then you must understand how important it is for you to learn to paraphrase. If you have this skill you will know how to give the shape of words to your thoughts and how to alternatives for any text like synonyms, quotes, phrases, idioms, etc. You will learn to express different facts and concepts in your own set of words. You will be a better academic writer with much more expressive language.

    4. Use less problematic language

      If you learn this crucial skill, you will use less problematic language, that is, a language which is difficult to understand. Not having this skill means you don’t have enough ways to explain and express your thoughts which reflects in your assignments and papers. So it is better if you make efforts towards learning this attribute. Furthermore, it will increase your word flow and enhance your writing abilities.

Easy-to-follow tips to paraphrase easily

    1. Read before paraphrasing

      Paraphrasing requires understanding the text first. Until you fully understand it, you can’t rewrite it with the same objective. Some of you might understand it by reading it once but the majority of students need more than one time reading to properly understand the text.

    2. Note down the key points without looking at the original text

      Write everything you read by yourself without looking at the original content. This way, you won’t copy anything and will have absolutely unique content written in your own words. Just make sure that you write chronologically and in something which makes sense. It’s okay if your write something wrong, just cross-check it from the original content and edit it accordingly.

    3. Write sentences from the key points

      After taking out the main points from the original text, write them down in the form of sentences. That’s how you will be able to write in your own form of words and will be able to express your thoughts freely. You will be able to avoid plagiarism easily and your similarity score will also be reduced. You can properly cite your text also.

    4. Compare your text with the original content

      Always compare your text with the original content after rewriting it so that you can check if you have not missed the actual objective of the original source. If by any means, you are unable to follow the actual crux of the writing then you must understand the need of editing your write-up at this place. Comparing both texts will let you know whether the two texts are different from each other or not.

Most effective methods of paraphrasing

    1. Use your own set of words and sentences by expressing your thoughts.
    2. Use similar words, that is, synonyms cautiously. Be cautious about not changing the context of the actual writing.
    3. Change the structure of the sentence.
    4. Add something extra, that is, extra information by providing definitions or contexts.

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Paraphrasing is a way to avoid plagiarism and enhance your writing skills and abilities. If you will follow the aforementioned points then you can become good at this crucial skill. But until you learn this tactic, you can seek support from SPSS assignment help and services. We wish you good luck with your assignments!

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